A large part of the local community and stakeholders agree that Adur District Council needs to prioritise development of brownfield over greenfield sites to help create healthier, safer spaces and reduce urban sprawl.

We believe that brownfield sites are ideal locations for new housing and regeneration projects. However, brownfield sites bring their own challenges and additional costs; at Free Wharf, we will need to replace and significantly improve flood defences as well as remove materials left on the disused industrial site.

We want to turn this location into an attractive place to live, work, and visit for the whole community. Development on this brownfield site would return public access to the waterfront and help to preserve areas of natural beauty elsewhere.

We have integrated a dedicated cycleway and promenade into the designs which will support local efforts to improve air quality and public well-being. Our designs will encourage other developers to do the same so that Adur’s precious road capacity can be protected. Free Wharf will encourage people to use alternative means of transport and we have included a comprehensive transport strategy as a part of our application. See our Transport and road usage section.

Our Free Wharf project would fulfil a great opportunity to address the local housing need in a sustainable and space-conscious manner. Concrete Site shot