We are committed to providing new homes to Adur and the Shoreham area in a way that benefits the existing the local community as well as those who will live, work and enjoy the new development. Southern Housing Group believes it is important to bring about a project that works for everyone.

This is why we made sure that our proposals take into account the issues around transport, parking, road usage, and environmental impact that have been raised during our discussions with the local community.


National Cycle Route 2 and pedestrian walkway

Free Wharf will contribute to the development of the National Cycle Network’s route joining Dover to St. Austell, in Cornwall. It is a fantastic opportunity to facilitate a popular sport, and encourage health and wellbeing in the area.

We also want to help Shoreham meet its air quality targets, and will work to incentivise greener transport options. This ties in well with the Council’s Cycle Friendly Business Scheme – a venture which would undoubtedly be welcomed by local retailers.

The walkway will keep pedestrians safe from traffic and offer spectacular shoreline views for everyone living, visiting, or working in Free Wharf.


Car Club

We will offer Free Wharf residents the opportunity to join the ‘Free Wharf car club’, helping to keep traffic on and around the scheme low by facilitating carpooling and encouraging visitors and residents to eschew car use as much as possible.

Free Wharf’s strategy to promote options such as electric vehicles, bicycles, walking and sharing as well as the local public transport network will play its part in helping to change people’s travelling habits.


Transport assessment

Alongside our planning application, we will have to submit a comprehensive Transport Assessment which will consider any additional transport needs for Free Wharf in relation to pre-existing ones.

Specialists will be able to ascertain which types of provisions are required, and how any potential increase of vehicle movement can be sensibly accommodated.