In 2014, only 36% of 24-35-year-olds owned their home, compared to 67% of that age group in 1991. Increasing house process and dwindling supply of housing stock are making it difficult for people to get on the property ladder. While the national shortage of new homes is a well-known issue, the situation in Adur has become quite urgent.

Southern Housing Group is already closely working across the south east of England with many local authorities, including Adur District Council, to address this problem – we have the necessary experience and expertise to create deliverable, sustainable solutions to meet the Adur community’s current and future needs.

Where do we come in?

Free Wharf is not just an exciting opportunity to redevelop a disused part of Shoreham Harbour into attractive, vibrant public realm; it will also offer real and long-term solutions to the local housing crisis.

Adur District Council has estimated that 300 homes will need to be built every year until 2032 to satisfy demand in the District. Currently, the Council is building 150 homes a year, a trend that is simply unsustainable.

At Free Wharf, we are proposing to create 540 new homes offering an array of tenures to suit the needs of a wide range of people, from young people starting out to older people looking to downsize. Free Wharf will include a significant number of affordable homes.

Why us?

Our sensitive and considerate approach to the development of Free Wharf will help Adur bring about the long-awaited regeneration of that part of the harbour and enable the area to meet its objectives for economic growth.

Our scheme will also help protect Adur’s greenfield spaces by making the most of the potential of this brownfield location.

As a housing association with proven experience in regeneration, we understand the importance of delivering projects that benefit the existing local community in both the short and the long-term.

Because we will retain an interest in a number of homes, either as landlord or as shared owner, we are committed to ensuring that our proposals for Free Wharf work for the whole of the Adur community. We want to provide great places to live for a wide range of people, from renters and first-time buyers to people looking to downsize. Our approach is to protect our investment by retaining an active role to help nurture sustainable and vibrant communities.

We believe that we are in a stronger position to address Adur’s local housing need than any other developer.

Check our providing high-quality homes page for more information.